Do Antibiotics Cause Cloudy Urine 38 Weeks And 2 Days Pregnant?

38 weeks and 2 days pregnant? - do antibiotics cause cloudy urine

Hello, was 38 weeks pregnant, had on Sunday with a kidney infection for about 3 months now and again. Every time I saw my doctor told me that I have a kidney infection. Well, I started to bleed very heavy in the 34th Week, and went into premature labor, with brethanine (sp anymore?). I was on the antibiotic pills for a while, and I had a yeast infection that I just want to say, and had some antibiotics, starting 2 days later. Well, I just finished the antibiotics and my urine is cloudy (which is) a sign of a kidney infection. I have no job either. This infection of the kidneys to me have contractions on and off, stains, and cramps. My doctor will not seem to be affected. Frankly, I'm worried, and 3 months time is afraid to have any kind of infection. Please can someone give me some advice what to do. I do not know what to do? He does not see me again, to 16 December, and I saw 18 November, that does not sound good. It took me about 38 weeks with my daughter, because all was my protein in my uri(not what could be the cause of dark urine. I also talk with bad stomach cramps, as we do.

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